About Jason Welch

Jason Welch 38 and lives in Waterloo. He is an employee at the John Deere foundry. He considers John Deere to be the economic heart of the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area. The continued profitability of John Deere is one of his primary economic objectives.

Jason's life is rooted in faith. The son of Baptist missionaries Ted and Debra Welch, he spent the first five years of his life in Ghana, Africa. He has also lived in Isreal and Nepal. Jason grew up in Dububque and attended Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny.

Welch is married to Heather (Gobeli) Welch. Heather grew up in Waterloo and is daughter of DeLon R. Gobeli and Dianne Abbott. Dianne is married to Dan Abbott. Heather graduated from West High and currently works at Northeast Iowa Poditry. Jason and Heather are currently members of Hagerman Baptist Church in Waterloo. on term limit...He Said it Best... NBC Talking Head & Syndicated Radio Host Steve Deace (2010) ...Refreshingly Frank.. The Des Moines Register (2010)
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